Order fulfilment

The Inter Druk Co. want you received the product in accordance with the order and as soon as it possible. You can send enquiry via our contact form or by sending an email to: wyceny@interdruk.pl.

Artworks can be sent as follows:

  • email (if your file is under 10 megabytes in size, you can simply email it to us via: wyceny@interdruk.pl)
  • CD-ROM (an option for especially large file sizes; burn to a CD-ROM and email to us on address given below)
  • FTP/HTTP (another option is if you have your own web server, you may upload your files there and let us retrieve it)

We offer a wide range of consultancy services in the field of graphic design, construction, material choice nad production technique. The variety of materials and finishing methods used in production, such as hot-stamping, embossing, varnishing or laminating allows us to produce every packaging according to our customer requirements.

Need packaging?
Do not know where to start?

We will help you in selecting the appropriate box cut, material and additional finishes. Contact us and tell what you need.