Inter Druk Co. specializes in the production of cardboard packaging and promotional items such as stands, displays, catalogs and leaflets. We cooperate with many companies all over the world, and thanks to our printing machines that are one of the most advanced in the market, we can offer the highest quality in most competitive prices.

Inter Druk Co. printing house, that has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of packaging for cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Whether you’re interested in food boxescosmetic boxes or pharmaceutical boxes Inter Druk Co. can handle the job. We manufacture cardboard packaging boxes for small inventors as well as corporations with global distribution. All our actions are coordinated to finish timely every job that is entrusted to us. We fully understand the primary role of time in today’s world, so we are at your disposal 24h. An Inter Druk Co. we are focused on the environment and therefore we only use recycled materials in the manufacturing of our boxes and all of our products are 100% recyclable to the end user.

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